Foster 520 Furniture Design by Fosters + Partners

Walter Knoll | Foster 520

A new basic of salon traditions. The Foster 520 armchair reinterprets the custom from the membership armchair. The manufacturers have created masterly use on the materials: saddle leather-based with its striking feed to make the again, normal fabric to the chair. The elaborately completed decorative seam emphasizes the sweeping ranges of this masterpiece – on the again over the armrests towards opulent chair.

Walter Knoll | Foster 520

Walter Knoll | Foster 520

With a bit of a swivel motion or fairly even now on legs: highly effective beauty which has a superb dose of laissez-faire – necessary for usally evenings of charming hospitality, whether or not inside a motel main receiving area or in your house. The armchair can be purchased in two designs: that has a superior or possibly a reduced back – and also that has a footstool if you ever need to.

Producer: Walter Knoll
Project name: Foster 520
Design: Fosters + Partners
Photos: Walter Knoll

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