France Modern Atelier Design Ideas


“Paris is usually recommended” stated lovely Audrey Hepburn. She was far from wrong and for this reason I’m sharing below with you a further Parisian household residence. This time it’s really a modern atelier situated north with the city.

It belongs to indoors developer Marianne Evennou and her husband Frank Evennou, that’s surely an artist. Both their identities are reflected throughout an entire place, as method meets pattern and internal architecture in the real fabulous way.

Marianne believes that houses need to somehow have souls. That there’re companies of mysteries and fabulous tales. She is in total really like with what she does, which can be repairing and renovating, in her skilled life and her personal one likewise. And I ought to exclaim, it really is so evident in her do the job!



This loft like place merges industrial with craft within an mostly eclectic way. The surfaces are created from polished concrete and therefore are painted grey. The partitions mostly bright the white kind of but in addition pebble grey, as seen below through this magnificent component to the house, which stores a lot of textbooks in different heights.

Some built while in the wall shelves might be reached via the metallic steps, while a lot of courses are accessible in the ground floor, which here wears a grey carpet, for comfort I reckon. The living area hosts lots of Frank’s limited edition creations, much such as the table, easily standing beside the minimal fire place, boasting clean, cubic lines.



In the kitchen, straightforward white shelving presents shelter to some very carefully curated collection of dishware in white porcelain and electric appliances in chrome and white. Labeled jars among everything else, a line of bottles for the superior along with a white mini radio. Everything beautifully placed, so them to double as efficient objects when available and present items when resting.
In exactly the identical room, a information that completely wins me will be the vertical chalkboard wall, featuring an artfully drawn hardwood bark. Playful, fresh and classy all in one.





The atelier is every artist’s dream studio most possibly. Rich, bright light streaming inside form the numerous huge windows, a very good amount of space along with a centrally put rectangular table surrounded by Tolix chairs in chrome, corresponding to what usually get a sizable filing / safe-keeping system adjusted for the wall on the proper.

So what would you imagine? Isn’t genuinely Paris an excellent thought? How are you keen staying in a place like that?







Owners: Marianne and Frank Evenou
Archirtect and interior designer: Marianne Evennou
Location: north of Paris, France
Photography: Nicolas Tosi

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