Glam Glass House Design by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

An elevated a glass koi pond, a seamless suspended porte cochere as well as the semi-circular facade of this luxurious household in South Africa are dramatically framed by towering beams. Glass House by Nico Van Der Meulen Architects can be a energetic space full of transparent walls, with an open internal that welcomes in sunlight and views with the tranquil yard.

The suspended glass and iron portico contributing in the assembly carries a cantilevered effect thanks to narrow steel helps and wide expanses of glass. An above-ground koi pond arrangement in the reflecting share serves as the two a dramatic focal point, plus a method of regulating temp in both summer and winter.

The glass doors on the lanai can all be opened, blurring the cross over involving the interior spaces along with the large swimming pool and gardens outdoors. This luxury home also functions an art gallery, gym, a basement garage with parking for twelve cars and also a main suite that has a built-in kitchenette and also a transparent glass bathroom with programmed blinds that look translucent from outdoor, but nevertheless allow views from within.

The heated pond proceeds on the outside with the home on the inside, where it can be topped with glass plus a stainless staircase illuminated with blue LED lights.

Subtle, this monumental house hold is not; its size and complexity borrows within the over-the-top aesthetics on the 1980s, and some aspects of it recall more commercial structures. Taking factors from luxury residences of Johannesburg from many years past, the design from the Glass House fulfills the owners’ call for for glamor.

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