Guerrero House Design by Alberto Campo Baeza


A modern day fortress was designed in Cadiz, Spain. Guerrero House is its brand. But what’s the main purpose driving its fortress presence? Well, a profound desire of intimacy and seclusion from your outdoor planet conducted such an original concept. Perimeter partitions are 8 meters high; almost any invasion is automatically turned into one thing obsolete…

A rectangular plan defines the program’s distribution in two patios together which has a middle quantity with 170sqm of total floor place. The access towards home is from your entrance courtyard exactly where 4 orange timber draw the central and main axis, bordered by reduced partitions that conceal assistance areas.

At the back again courtyard, an additional four orange trees precede a smaller drinking water tank carved in to the environment and prolonged from side to side. A big glazed opening invites us to enter a colossal unprejudiced space with 8 meters height where living and dining rooms are disposed.



Three bedrooms and two bathrooms are symmetrically distributed within this rectangular ground floor plan along with a your kitchen spot. One peculiar constructive detail offers an extraordinary mass appearance to the present different holiday home: 3 meter deep porches secure the gigantic glazed openings from daylight, making a poetic shade that comforts each with the inhabitants against the tough sun of the region.

Materials respect the climate as well as local resources: both interior and exterior pavements are in polished marble – a intelligent option to oppose the hard the summer season days – while facades are covered in traditional stucco painted in bright white. Interior surfaces stick to a similar guideline – white for surfaces and ceilings – providing a fresh atmosphere to the many rooms and areas. The feasible enemy of this domestic fortress – the hard climate disorders – generally be entirely under control…




Architects: Alberto Campo Baeza

Photography: Roland Halbe

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