Gyre Sculpture Design by Kate MccGwire


London-based specialit Kate MccGwire has produced Gyre, a sculpture manufactured utilizing crow feathers.

Gyre, a sizable installing article bringing with each other MccGwire’s long-lasting themes by its gestural obsidian type. Formed from the huge variety of crow feathers, the element relates towards the ethnic mythologies of crows as devious creatures, omens of terrible fortune when noticed in sets and strongly linked with loss of life because of their unbidden environment on battlefields and graveyards.

These unconscious organizations are inscribed from the silken black working surface from the construction, and intensify as Gyre’s sheer range will cause it to exceed the limitations with the cabinet, viscerally invading the proper room or space with the gallery. The item seems organic, virtually umbilical as its tendrils entwine with a another, wrapped strongly to the structure evoking the primal reliance of both equally new mother and child, and also the parasite.



Gyre, 2012
Mixed mass media with crow feathers
275 x 770 x 415 cm

Artist: Kate MccGwire

Photography: Tessa Angus

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