Hamamatsu Apartment Ceiling Design as Floor of Atsumi

Taking anything that’s old and rendering it new again, or applying familiar supplies for any new and unanticipated purpose – they would be the hallmarks of modern, conscious style and design. Japanese firm 403architecture took the threshold of your Hamamatsu apartment and turned it right into an original and wholly amazing ground regarded for the reason that Floor of Atsumi.

The owners for the timeworn apartment planned to work out their house repaired and updated. The architects initiated by dismantling the bedroom’s fire fire fire wood ceiling.

Leaving the pipes and ducts open overhead, the crew then brought the wood with the ceiling an extended way down. They designed this patchwork floor which is at a time unrestrained and sophisticated.

Because the cuts of wood are every single of somewhat different colors and sizes, the floor takes on the sort of patchwork appearance.

The floor was quit unfinished soon after cautious and complete sanding, not like the done wood surfaces from the remainder inside the household. Walking on the patchwork portions of wood, man’s foot can look the bit of a discrepancies in the elevation of every chunk.

The different floor is something to a substitute for traditional tatami mats. Because the floor is more or fewer a repurposed ceiling, it manages for being equally old and new at once, breathing living to the home while maintaining an established Japanese aesthetic.

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