Haus Ameisenberg Architecture Design by BENZ&ZIEGLER

BENZ&ZIEGLER | Haus Ameisenberg

The “Haus Ameisenberg” is situated from a little town next towards town of Augsburg in Bavaria, Germany. The one of a kind location of Statzling, right for your edge with the ancient “Lech” river bed, presents excellent views about the city of Augsburg.

Unfortunately not every plot has this look at for granted therefore it has the challenge on developing this lookup using a ground which is in rather inside valley and never within the very best from your outdated river banking companies.

BENZ&ZIEGLER | Haus Ameisenberg

BENZ&ZIEGLER | Haus Ameisenberg

The plot alone will be an extremely tiny area over a steep slope confronting south. The surrounding buildings are all used inside smooth south end around the plots which leaves the owners which has a steep slope inside north within their house with nearly no flat garden within the south.

Taking these two constraints (creating a look at & generate a flat garden whilst in the south) into consideration b&z started by lifting up your home and placing it directly for the slope. By rotating the living place cantilever by only 5 amounts to the east it turned out to be possible to concentrate the primary view with the living space within the opposing apple shrub garden rather then with a 3-story residential building from the 60’s.

This unconventional style strategy offers valuable benefits so it turned out easy to convince the people and also the authorities. Underneath the living space is an open carport for two vehicles ;on leading there is certainly really a beautiful 55m

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