Hidden Kitchen and Minimalist Bathroom Design by Jakub Szczesny

Having only modest living area at your residence to your cooking area area and eating place isn’t an longer a major issue because now there exists a whole new innovation that make your dining table and kitchen are effectively put together with straightforward swing. For picking the object you want, you just should move the swing then the kitchen establish you may have miraculously disappeared changed by colorful dining table.

We must give you an encouraging appreciation because of this Europian inside designer, Jakub Szczesny of Centrala to the smart concept of pairing dining table and kitchen set. It does make greater efficiency in using smaller spaces. Moreover, it could be quite useful that they are used in apartment, flat, and tiny house. Kitchen set, wastafel, dining table and also other kitchen appliances are concealed neatly right into a vertical wall departing additional spaces for other gains.

Not only mingling dining table and kitchen set, Szczesny also would make a further breakthrough by breaking decrease the boundary between bathroom and bedroom. As you possibly can see from the graphics provided, a bathroom including a bedroom is related with a sq. cut wall which enables persons overlooking activities in a further area. This concept is likely to be ridiculous for many people, but in addition may be very unique for those who intent to live alone.






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