Hood Modular Pendant Lighting Design


The Hood Modular Pendant is as well cool. And I’m not even sure if pendant is an exact description, nor is chandelier or light. The Hood is one thing like an interactive light expertise.

Developed by Stockholm-based mostly studio Form Us With Love, the Hood is a entirely-customizable lighting fixture that is primarily based on the modular units you can add and take away as you want. The units clip into every single other and can broaden to create a broad lighting technique that stretches in excess of a whole dining room table, or you can build a much more intimate light for a single particular person.


The designers produced the Hood as a form of shelter from the often open and vulnerable workplace spaces we operate in. With the Hood, you can develop your very own small world of function lit by the privacy of the Hood Pendant.



The pendant can be created with red or gray modules, and you could even combine and match the two colours to form your even far more personalized lighting knowledge.


Photography: Jonas Lindstrom.
Photography courtesy of Form Us With Adore.

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