House Renovation Design by Steven Harris Architects, LLP


Renovating a historic home can be challenging, but not for the group at Steven Harris Architects, LLP. Steven Harris comes with an extraordinary resume. He is a Professor of Architecture at Yale University and has a tender spot for exploring the architectural prospective of urban living, specifically in New York City. This home has been tastefully updated and decorated with an engaging design.

Constructed in 1840, this structure was in dire need of a complete renovation. As the story goes, the bricks on the front have been loose ample to get rid of by hand. In addition to restoring the facade, a fifth floor was extra to seamlessly mix with the authentic architecture.

The combination of large ceilings and traditional features such as crown molding were re-created to mimic details that are anticipated in pre-war dwellings. This attention to detail generates a best backdrop for the interior layout philosophy of this gracious property.




As we move via the rooms, the all round esthetic is calm, cool and collected. Professor Harris is a company believer that in an urban surroundings, area is a luxury and must not be overly created. A monochromatic color scheme is on total display throughout the spaces, intriguing textures such as oak wood flooring, subtle wall coverings of sisal and grasscloth, outcome in a property that is both natural in design and style and soothing in ambiance.

Furnishings are an intriguing collection of modern, vintage and custom, which includes the vintage Knoll swivel chairs in the living space and Ma Bell chairs by Ceccotti in the dining area.




Architects: Steven Harris Architects

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