House Stair Ideas


After the shell, the second function completes the development of the home with: the insulation , the siding , the interior walls , the interior woodwork , staircase, the electricity , the plumbing , the heating and air conditioning.

The installation of a staircase is usually vital in a house to go to a higher floor, reach a mezzanine, a fill degree big difference among two parts.Internal staircase: how?
There are 3 types of staircases:

Straight staircase
The straight staircase is the most affordable and best to install. Nevertheless, it demands large enough to be simply available room.

Cost : from € 500 for a wooden staircase. Amongst 1,500 and € 3,000 for the concrete and up to € 5,000 stone or glass.


Wooden staircase
Spiral staircase

The staircase has one or two angles. There are 3 kinds of rotating stairs:

quarter-flip has an angle and kind an “L”
turning two quarters has two angles
the half-flip comprises two parallel flights of measures, linked by a bearing.
Price tag: the budget is far more important than for a straight staircase. There will be a minium of € one,000 for a wooden model, at least € 2,000 for steel and € five,000 for the stone or glass.


Spiral staircase

The implementation of a spiral staircase is simpler than the rights and spiral staircases, due to the fact it needs a lot significantly less room. Sophisticated, the spiral staircase is self-supporting and does not need any support.

Drawbacks: a reasonably narrow, impractical to mount bulky, and there are couple of industrial designs.

Value : from € 1,500 for a normal model wood, concrete € two,000, € 5,000 stone.

Discover a professional residence development

What materials for the staircase of the home?
It is possible to create a staircase in numerous materials, which will be significantly aesthetic possibilities.

stairs residence: how to buy?

Common: A staircase can be bought in normal format in a retail retailer or DIY furnishings. Installation is simplified whilst the lower budget, plus it is possible to adapt the stairs to the interior by adding a base or removing a walk

Kit: The staircase kit is adaptable to its interior (selection of products), a smaller price range than to measure. The assembly is straightforward ample, but the stairs in kit are usually narrow and are not provided with a guard, which can be unsafe.
Customized: The stairs then fit properly in the area reserved for him. An artisan or architect are accountable for obtaining the needed finish. But of program, delivery is anticipated, and a larger price range.










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