House y2 Architecture Design


Sometimes architects are prompted by genetics and biological mechanisms when you are looking at making structures as livable organisms. House y2 follows a curious concept: a twin is an example of two offspring developed in similar being pregnant. Twins can as well be identical or fraternal. Let’s look at this magnificent metaphor pertaining to a singular house located in Linz, Austria.

Two slim volumes endure atop a slope overlooking the valley from the Danube, neatly fitting against a plot of 21 meters width. However, they comprise only 1 body, each on the although showing up to become mimicking a simple another – just a open, similar closed.

Topography assumes a major position inside disposition of this system of this three-story building: the steepness from the slope expected a dynamic soil plan, which uses the entire time-span and degree on the plot. The wooden constructions stick on the perimeter with the site, at once as this system stands separated for a gap, letting in lighting and beginning up toward the landscape.



Residents go into inside top flooring, in which an oak staircase displays the way in which right down to the open-plan residing space about the midsection ground. Besides various slumbering areas and bathrooms, the asleep quantity also carries a meditation cavity for the ground floor.

In spite of all this system differences, equally structures feature cork floors and the white kind of painted ceilings, while one is discussed with Tatami mats so who’s could be employed to be a regular Japanese room. An underground passage connects the located obstruct with sleeping block…maybe a sign of conjoined Siamese twins?







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