Hybrid Drip-Free Faucet + Hand Dryer

It is often a smallish thing, but still, a strange moment once you should bring your dripping-wet hands on the sink exactly where they were freshly washed, and hover through at the least a resist (if not the floor) on your own method on the wall-mounted dryer or towel dispenser.

This mixed design enables you to skip a phase and also have much less hardware to handle and hang likewise – merely place your hands before the sensor to first get them wet, then dry up them via forced fresh air pushed through identical tubes.

It took tens of millions to develop the product, however the actual result is amazing: it spins up from 0 to 90,000 RPM in underneath a second, and pushes air through filters for any fully-clean experience, all component to a meaningful collection of leaner, cleaner, sleeker and Eco-friendlier versions of old bathroom devices.

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