Icpalli Chair and Pouf Design by Point1920


The Icpalli Chair and Pouf are the most recent additions to Point1920’s furnishings collection. The chair is exceptional for the harmony and serenity of its design and style. While it is huge in dimension, it is made for sitting and not just admiring.

Its unconventional form and construction make it perfect for sound isolation, a tranquil spot to sit and go through. Icpalli is woven in a turning out to be pattern and has striking armrests. Its seat and back are creatively fused producing it an instant eye-catcher.


Best in form and size, the Icpalli Chair and Pouf by point1920 are two furniture pieces you’ll never regret purchasing. They stand out for their aesthetic appeal and superior comfort. They make a wonderful addition to any exterior but are notably suited to contemporary ones.

The chair comes with a seat cushion and throw cushions for the back. Its secret is unveiled the minute you sit on it: it encases you like a cozy cocoon and provides absolute comfort. It also adjusts to your body shape and tends to make you truly feel correct at home. Icpalli can make a statement with no uttering a single word.


Icpalli comes in various versions and color combinations. You can get it with a substantial back, low back, or long seat. Even though it is manufactured for the outside, it also seems great indoors. It seems great by the pool, in the garden, or on the patio. Cluster a handful of pieces together and create the excellent entertaining spot.

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