Ienami Bonkai Planter Design by Metaphys

bonkai house shaped planters

It would be hard not to be enamored of miniature towns figurines, but when individuals miniature towns get the kind of a whole series of tiny planters they turn into entirely irresistible. The Ienami Bonkai planters from Metaphys are ridiculously adorable and resemble green-roofed properties.

mini house shaped planters

The vivid white stone containers are all square-ish with tiny steps foremost up their outsides, generating them search just like houses. The insides of the containers are meant to be filled with dirt and plants to make the houses total by including a green roof.

green roofed house planters

The “buildings” come in a handful of different configurations: some have numerous planting chambers even though other folks have just 1, and various stair types are utilized on some of the planters.

miniature village white stone house planters

The planters are cute adequate on their very own, but they seem their best when grouped together into a small village. And if you equip the village with small animals and folks like in the picture, you’ll no doubt have hrs of entertaining playing with your villagers and your town complete of beautiful mini architecture.

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