Ilott Vintage Cameras


In the pre-digital age, analog cameras accustomed to reign supreme. Developing movie was highly deemed as a possible fine art form, and also the photos were beheld as priceless real memories. Though the improvements of modern technology are nothing to complain about, sometimes we fail to value the magic in the very good old a short time. Thankfully the folks at Illot use a true passion for old-fashioned treasures.

They have release a handsome collection of fully reconditioned confined edition rangefinder cameras varying in ages in between 45-70 years old. Using 35mm film, these traditional cameras are acknowledged for recording a specific heart and soul that could make most rabid instagramers drool with envy.


Each vintage photographic photographic camera have been flawlessly restored to recreate the beauty and luxury in the camera in its hay day. The exterior casing comprised from real wooden materials veneer replaces what could well be old, tattered leather-based to breathe new life into every vintage gem. In using the old, out using the brand new.



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