Impossible Architecture Design Ideas

found architecture

Like desires if you will be acquiring them, these structures make great impression subjectively and nevertheless no perception objectively. They are seamlessly integrated, though structurally surreal … and, as the dream when waking up: the specifics are hard to recall when you look absent.

found architecture photo collages

Jim Kazanjian searches through tens of 1000s of photos in query in the ideal portions and pieces for each otherworldly creation. Some from the outcomes seem to be virtually plausible, while some stretch out the restricts of gravity, structural integrity including the creativeness.

found buildings black white surreal

Per his specialit report at 23Sandy (where you may also obtain prints): “Jim Kazanjian’s surreal landscapes provide you with phantasmagoric visions to a where-is-this world, explained by impossibly sophisticated architecture and M.C.Escher-esque black-and-white graphics.”

found architecture impossible structures

“Inspired with the imaginary realms of cult publisher H.P. Lovecraft—whose wild, cosmic brief stories place the mold for a lot from the 20th century’s greatest technology fiction—Kazanjian’s intent would be to redress the “misunderstanding that pictures features a form of built-in objectivity…to defamiliarize the familiar.”

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