Incorporating a Stick to Rustic Curtains

rustic curtains

The curtains designed rustic elegance combine valances and curtain combinations with the simplicity and appeal of gingham fabric and rustic shade. To make a rustic curtain design and style, it is necessary to have separate clubs for each and every layer of curtains installed.

In standard, this indicates two rods per window . While you can install two separate curtain rods, this demands proper alignment and added drilling. Alternatively, there are adaptations that give shade and assistance with ample space for two curtain poles.


1. Location the 1st piece of curtain bracket and mark the screw holes on the wall with a pencil. The help must be closest to the window true as achievable, with no a lot more than a six-inch (15 cm) between the window and the workpiece. This ensures that the curtain pole anchored off the wood assistance window .

2. Area the other piece of the help and verify that it is flush with the other celebration with a long degree on prime of the piece. After bubbles emphasis levels, make the holes for the screws.

3. Drill pilot holes in the screw holes that are marked with a drill bit that is somewhat smaller than the actual screw.

4. Area the brackets and screw the pieces.

5. Commit one particular piece through the leading corner of the curtain and set the bar on the support piece. Repeat with valance, valance rod placed in front of the curtain pole.

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