Interior Design by Chez Ric & Fer


I’m fully smitten with the charming decor of this bed and breakfast in northern France. Rebuilt with stones from the castle in Coucy le Chateau after Planet War II, there’s nothing at all like a blend of eras to carry a home back to existence. And the serious stone facade does not foretell what’s inside.

A totally irreverent mix of furnishings starts in the eat-in kitchenette. Black and white floor tiles step appropriate out of a 1950s diner and appear now flawlessly suited for the corbelled black with white speckles marble fireplace.

Mid-century modern day cabinets hover on the wall next to their shared era circular dining table, chairs, and hutch. A generous graphic wall covering, subtle in tone only, covers the walls. A sassy oyster colored rounded peninsula is supported by brilliant red tulip table legs.



Very good luck picking your room from the scrumptious choice. A cozy rustic wood floored room is bursting with mid-century mod classics and a cozy fireplace. The bed wall covering is plucked from the carefree backyard outside in soft tones of earth and sky, like the robin’s egg blue wall you’ll see when you awaken.




An additional suite tucked underneath the sky lit gable cradles you in rustic wood trusses and burnished wood floors. You’ll uncover a crisp comfy bed, a lounge, a dining region, and a operate room developed of coveted furniture classics.

The gable finish wall is wrapped with black, grey, and white harlequin print as a complete height head board. Your private bath beyond is separated by a blend of wall and glass, the place geometric tiles fearlessly ground an acrylic rocking chair.









Photography courtesy of Chez Ric & Fer.

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