Japan AO Studio Apartment Design by Keiji Ashizawa Design

Architecture, Rack Book With Black And Blue Coloring Also Wooden Floor With Gray Kitchen Also Gray Lamps: Convenient AO Studio in Japan

Studio provides an apartment which is so hassle-free and representative for individuals who wish to operate at home, especially for getting enterprise in restaurant and trend design.

Additionally, this apartment is also suitable for the youthful staff. If you’re also interested, please come and visit Ao Studio. This studio is situated in Saitama prefecture, Japan and made as properly as renovated by Keiji Ashizawa Design and style.

Looking inside of the apartment, you will see its wall is dominated by colored blue pod although its floor is wooden pattern. It is related to the definition of “Ao” in Japanese word which indicates Blue. Given that it is made for restaurateur, you can discover mini bar that is situated on the following to guide shelf. The mini bar can be functioned as living space given that you can greet and meet your visitors here.

Besides, it can be also utilised as a kitchen simply because its interior design is related with kitchen set properties. In this bar, you’re not only capable to function, but also enjoying relaxed time with your very best buddies. When a space can be utilized for numerous rooms in its perform, it will not need to have much more spacious area and it implies the apartment’s properly utilized.

Since it is regarded as open studio, there are some music gamers this kind of as guitar in the family area. Interior design and style in this space is minimalist notion for simplicity however multifunction. It has guide shelf that can be utilised as a border amongst a space to yet another room, with no any walls. A set of chair is also positioned there so you can take pleasure in your breaking time for studying in the library. In addition to, you can perform guitar here or singing together throughout buddies gathering or loved ones reunion.

This apartment has spacious window which integrates to balcony outside so fresh air will come to inside the apartment. The principal rooms, bedroom and bathroom, are designed in open plan concept so they make the rooms look more substantial than its authentic dimension.

Architecture, White Door With Blue Wall And White Table Also Gray Floor And Mannequin: Convenient AO Studio in Japan

Architecture, Blue Wall With Gray Kitchen Also Gray Lamp And Brown Chair Also Wooden Floor: Convenient AO Studio in Japan

Architecture, Blue Chair In The Diningroom With Brown Chair Also Wooden Table Combined With Iron Material: Convenient AO Studio in Japan

Architecture, Wooden Table With Unique Chair And Blue Chair Also Brown Wooden Floor Also Glass Window: Convenient AO Studio in Japan

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