Japan Square-plan Small House Design by Kazuhiko Kishimoto / AC-AA

square-plan small house design Japanese concept

67.08m square-plan little home built on carefully sloping terrain of mountainous region of Uenohara, Japan. Seems simple, but this square-plan small house has contradiction spaces concept, mixture openness and closedness in well varied.

So, this square-plan small house has intelligent indoor-outdoor plan concept; separated into indoor and outdoor located spaces. Both spaces attained every single target without interrupted just about every other, and a lot much more than that, take unique partnership and develop new view of architecture.

square-plan small house gently sloping terrain
square-plan small wooden house innovative indoor-outdoor concept
entrace location square-plan small house unique architecture
green-cedar exterior paneling square plan small house
pyramid shape roof square-plan small house
small house design wood structure smart spaces concept
centripetal form inside square-plan small house design

All for facet of this modern-day small house has own beginning. Right heading towards midpoint of roof’s pyramid shape, skylight window installed, so it become supply of natural light from the interior. While the exterior of this square-plan small house is completely paneled with red cedar wood, the interior made in whiteness fashion.

Another remove notion area the windows and also other starting like half-door: innovative playful artistic concept! The windows and half-door placed in particular way, so it turns into sequence between rooms. The windows and also other opening connections have picture frame-like design.

So, lets say that you are in a side on the unprejudiced place, you possibly can see both a further open room all over the tiny having lived room, and or simply a framed picture. Architect : Kazuhiko Kishimoto / AC-AA.

whiteness interior contrasting elements small house photos
central-skylight window small house interior idea
unique living bed square-plan small house interior
simple stylish bathroom small house interior-plan
half-door opening-to-open room small house idea
open-room square-plan small house space
picture frame-like window unique small house element
open room minimalist interior small house
wooden plank elements small house interior design
creative window opening-closedness interior concept
unique wooden bathroom interior design for small house

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