Junior Bathroom Design by Centro Progetti Vismara

Junior (amb 1)

Junior Assortment is the evolution of the shower enclosure through a new target on the crucial elements: a hinged door, a folding door and a fixed side.

A rigorous linear kind, the excessive functionality of every detail, easy set up and exceptional functionality are the principal reference values of the Junior Assortment: essentiality as a task.

Junior angolo batt

In the folding GN component, the door motion is guided by a sliding pin in a plastic guidebook, which makes it possible for the elements that touch 1 another to move in comprehensive silence. The pin can be disengaged to simplify maintenance, and is also completely risk-free for use.

Junior_nicchia piegTo simplify cleansing the glass and make the internal face smooth with no any protruding components, the hinges are mounted on the doors with flush screws.

Architects: Centro Progetti Vismara
Undertaking: Junior

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