Kobayashi Residence Design by General Design


Controversy often is included with new perspectives through some traditional ideas…Kobayashi Residence can be a pure controversial challenge as a consequence of its unpredictable combination of inhabitable ideas: a hybrid development that joins rustic backpacking with wooden cabin architecture. Can you believe that?

In Chichibu Mountain, Japan is placed an unbelievable case of turning a weekend retreat into a thing clean and original without failing the basic intent behind sheltering a family during the middle for the deep forest.

The alternative for alternating these two different formal concepts was brilliantly formulated within the next steps: a program smoothly floats for several pure floor and is particularly created up by nearby harvested larch wooden.


The group of this system is revealed inside the enigmatic mixture previously mentioned: societal areas – kitchen, living, eating and rest room – are distributed in two autonomous chunks made away from a similar larch wood planks as well as by detachable transparent fiber plastic-type surfaces that simultaneously assist as doors.


The individual zones respect the normal rustic camping outdoors equipment: two yellow hue dome tents utilized as bedrooms. What a very good contrast involving services and constructive materials, don’t you consent? One tent sits atop the principle patio although similar rests on the rooftop with the principle building. An exterior staircase warranties the usage of this elevated sleeping location. How great is always that?!





Architects: General Design

Photography: Dean Kaufman

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