La Piscucha House Design by Cincopatasalgato Architects


The “La Piscucha house” is a summer property situated in spectacular site in San Salvador. La Piscucha is located in the leading a hill at the end of a street privileged with captivating views of the city, San Salvador volcano and the pacific coastline. The principal view faces the west, which receives the harshest sunlight.

By engaging the residing encounter of the residence with the views of the surrounding landscape and preserving the feeling of safety we were inspired by “La Palapa”, a vernacular open-sided dwelling with a thatched roof produced of dried palms nevertheless utilised in El Salvador houses usually close to water bodies.

At a Palapa personal spaces function as independent shells from the extended leaf roof that covers the wholesome of the construction. Defending its sound interiors from the tropical rains, la Palapa provides the feeling of becoming outside although the consumer is within.

The property would have to steadily disappear to erase the transition among outdoors and indoors. A constant and modulated room is shaped via a series of checkered decks and patios defined by full heights guiding the user via the area. As an analogy of the all round space, the entrance wall physically divides the outdoors and within of the area and nonetheless operates as a receptive object pulling the user into the voids of the house.

The property connection with the outdoors is also maintained by the use of all-natural and reclaimed building materials layered throughout the organic light of the developing. Incorporating all outside areas, the small gaps between walls and roof laid out for cross-ventilation on each area, which is enough sufficient to in no way have to use air conditioning.

The freestanding roof wraps the total framework and also deflects the excess of direct sunlight by way of the folding overhanging roof and protected spaces. A rainwater collection program in conjunction with grey water filtering and recycling allows the structure to turn into self-enough.

Given that the ultimate completion La Piscucha it has been topic of contrasting opinions. It is no surprise that a lot of Salvadorians are intimidated by the extravagant exterior appear of the residence. Site visitors have manifested nevertheless the warm comfort of its interiors and its easy types.




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