Le Pietre Luminose Collection Design by Lithos Design

Marble claddings at Euroluce? Yes, you study it adequately. Lithos Design launches its Le Pietre Luminose collection, comprising eight versions that are fitted with obtained the label of stars: Alcor, Vega, Mizar, Rigel, Sirius, Antares, Naos and Polare. They are back-lit modular 3-dimensional stone claddings.

The strategy can be produced belonging to the merged pattern, the control of areas across several dimensions, and detailed study into illumination approaches employed for the translucent attributes of marble.

The fluorescent gentle resource is unbiased in just about every module, making sure that your back-lighting is uniform, making sure that your aesthetic consequence is impeccable and many decorative utilizes are possible: the claddings employ a powerful consequence even without back-lighting as well as in addition they make the unmistakable in glamour when back gentle and grazing light are combined.

Lithos Design | Le Pietre Luminose collection

Light boosts every single facet from the design, reveals every change during the slope, within the thickness and from the structure on the stone, highlighting the multiplicity with the worked surfaces. The result: fascinating, narrative and surprising luminous and ornamental effects, to fulfill the needs of each architects and inside designers.

LITHOS DESIGN, an Italian manufacturer of normal stone claddings and partitions, meant for interior design, was create in 2007 plus it truly is currently acknowledged as being about the list of most revolutionary beginning companies on the stone design marketplace today.

Design: Lithos Design | Raffaello Galiotto

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