Lignum Pavilion Design by Frei + Saarinen Architects


Zurich-based Frei + Saarinen Architects have designed the Lignum Pavilion. Lignum may be the Swiss data centre related to the usage of wood. Frei + Saarinen Architekten were expected to style and design an exhibition pavilion that indicates a modern use of wood for architectural uses.


The Lignum Pavilion can be a walkable pile of twenty layers, consisting of 50mm-thick planes and vertical elements of 130mm in height. Similar to some pixelated image, these twenty layers variety an architectural human body that prospects the site visitors by means of an architectural promenade within the appearance to a spatial ‘figure eight’. All 541 wooden parts are structure with a cnc mill. The pavilion will likely be employed 10 situations during a stage of three years.





Architects: Frei + Saarinen Architects

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