Madrid MO House Design by FRPO

eco-house hold-spain-mo-two

MO House testifies a kind of cases when the rule results in being the exception… In Madrid, Spain an individual spouse and children house spreads all its vitality as a result of a dense green forest. An exquisite may want has bring about an astonishing volumetric result. All trees and shrubs and shrubs obtained that they are preserved inside their original position…

Although the conventional household program, the site’s morphology demanded a compound geometry to make the positioning in the home. The prevailing presence of trees and also the serious so desire accomplish an inhabitable space thoroughly included while using woods resulted during the different option. The program was transformed in the really direct alternative to many uncomplicated rectangular volumes, each one with its personal perform.

The many topological relations among these volumes established a series of useful solutions, 24 in total. The configuration from the MO House was established by relating voids with volumes and current trees. Five bedrooms, one analysis room, kitchen, living and dining rooms are organically distributed between the trees; all connected by interstitial spaces – corridors – that frequently turn into an extension of on the list of main volumes.


However, a curious design decision becomes MO House into an illustration of prefabrication and self-sustainable architecture: fire fire wood for the reason that main constructive material add for an much more integrated solution. The proximity of trees required a non-aggressive basic system, so galvanized steel micro piles was applied with only 2 meters usally.



The whole wood structure is covered by wooden slabs, proudly exposing its white painted pattern in the inside. White painted stucco usually reflect the sunlight in the surrounding green forest…Glazed openings functionality like artificial eyes continually all set to absorb the quietness of Nature’s aspects. All usually be so perfectly balanced…




Architects: FRPO

Photography: Miguel de Guzman

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