Makkah Gateway Cultural Oasis Design by DWP – Design Worldwide Partnership

The Makkah Gateway Cultural Oasis is a single of the key developments within the Makkah Gateway Master Plan in Saudi Arabia. The challenge was to come up with an general notion for a a single million sqm plot of land that is strategically located outdoors of the Haram boundary line, more than half of which will be designed for a big typical centre, educational services, hotels and cultural sights for the citizens of the Makkah area and religious tourism.

This Enterprise and Cultural District is located in a valley among 3 massive hills of rock and built on a podium to let vehicular traffic to pass beneath, generating the entire district pedestrian-friendly. The perimetre of the district is surrounded by planned communities and tall apartment blocks, which defend the Cultural Oasis from substantial winds and sandstorms.

The 26,000sqm Makkah Gateway Cultural Oasis includes a craft village and a civic centre, with innovative organization, educational and cultural amenities, is strategically situated, taking pride of area inside the Makkah Gateway mega growth.

The crucial attractions consist of exhibition halls, convention centres, this arts & crafts village, a sustainable investigation centre, a visitor centre, Calligraphy Gallery, The Background of Haj Museum, an amphitheatre, an observatory, communities, hotels, purchasing and mosques.

The central exhibit hall is enclosed below an iconic crescent-shaped dome made of polished bronze. Other special attributes incorporate large-security VIP entrances, on the lower, level and executive lounges, overlooking the principal exhibition halls, although auditoriums are to be equipped with the latest A/V and acoustic technology.

The entire growth is developed on a podium to decrease visitors and find all parking beneath the main level of the civic centre. All points of interest can be accessed by a tram method or shaded walkways.

Makkah Gateway Cultural Oasis Art Village

Location: Saudi Arabia
Architects: DWP – Design and style Around the world Partnership
Undertaking: Makkah Gateway Cultural Oasis
Spot: 26,000 sqm

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