Marin County Residence Design

Marin County Residence

This attainable property is made on a standard to offer a barrier-free surroundings so to capitalize inside the possibility for an internalized landscape. The strategy is based upon an irregular grid, which informs all elements of its composition.

Each programmatic operation is contained within people building to respond to its unique wants. This makes it possible for each room to type a distinct relationship with its personal courtyard or back garden.

The ceiling airplane is fractured and folded along a diagonal pattern, exploring the interplay of gentle in unique approaches.

These spatial volumes are bound jointly by an enclosing perimeter wall, which results in just one style outside of the town of complexes and landscapes. The irregular pattern of openings in such a simple wall hints with the home’s fundamental geometry and expresses the different capabilities contained within.


Marin County Residence by Dirk Denison Architects

Marin County Residence Indoor Garden

Designer(s) / Architect (s) : Dirk Denison Architects

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