Marseille’s Vieux Port Design by Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners | Masterplan for Marseille’s Vieux Port

The alteration of Marseille’s World Heritage-listed harbour was officially inaugurated on Saturday in the course of a ceremony attended by Eugene Caselli, President of Marseille Provence Metropole and Jean-Claude Gaudin, the Mayor of Marseille.

The case marked the completion for the newest ‘club nautique’ pavilions plus a whole new sheltered presentations place throughout the Quai de la Fraternité in conjunction with all the eastern borders inside the port, created to commemorate the city’s twelve months as ‘European Capital of Culture’.

Foster + Partners | Masterplan for Marseille’s Vieux Port

The new situations pavilion is really a super easy, discreet canopy of really reflective not stainable metal, 46 by twenty two meters in size, unprejudiced on all sides and supported by slender pillars. Its polished, mirrored location displays the encircling port and tapers to the edges, minimizing its report and cutting down the composition’s visible consequence.

Reclaiming the quaysides as civic room or room or area and reconnecting the port making use of the city, the ship stores and computer saavy installations that until now lined the quays are already touched to new programs and clubhouses for several drinking water. The pedestrian area about the harbor continues to be enlarged and visitors shall be steadily dropped within the traveling several years to offer a safe, pedestrianized natural environment that extends on the water’s borders.

Foster + Partners | Masterplan for Marseille’s Vieux Port

Foster + Partners | Masterplan for Marseille’s Vieux Port

The landscape design, which was produced with Michel Desvigne, involves a whole new pale granite surface, in exactly identical shade for the reason that initial limestone cobbles. The uncomplicated, hard-wearing, roughly textured elements are correct on the port setting, and also to improve ease of access for all, kerbs and standard variations can be found removed. Lord Foster: “I know the harbor at Marseille good and this can be a actually grand room or space.

This undertaking is really an excellent chance to enhance it using pretty basic means, to further strengthen it having a sizable pavilion for events, for markets, for particular times. Our technique continues to be be effective with the climate, to set-up shade, but at the moment to respect the space on the harbor – just rendering it better.”

Foster + Partners | Masterplan for Marseille’s Vieux Port

Spencer de Grey, Head of Design, Foster + Partners: “Our intent may be to generate the Vieux Port attainable to all – the undertaking is definitely a invites to men and women of Marseille to love and employ this grand space for events, markets and celebrations once all over again.

The new pavilion is quite actually a reflection of its surroundings – its light-weight steel structure is usually a marginal treatment and presents itself as being a simple silver brand on the horizon, however it offers a fresh focus, provides standard shelter and generates a location for performances while in this crucial 12 months for your city.”

Location: Marseille, France
Architect: Foster + Partners
Photos: Nigel Young

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