Marvelous Swell Chair Design by Type Us With Love


The Swell, a marvelous chair from Swedish design and style studio Type Us With Love, is something in between a classic beanbag chair and what I imagine sitting in a puff pastry would be like. The Swell resembles a delicate edition of the old puffy thing we would sit in and play video games at our friends house. But the more mature characteristic of the Swell is its cage that conforms the lose beanbag to a formal seat.

The cage pinches the bean bag into a seat with a stand that props you into a much less lazy place of interest. Nevertheless, there is the inevitable comfort of a beanbag chair’s cloud-like cushion, but the Swell is for us older folk who want to sustain some childlike laziness but make pretend like we are all business.

In an additional way, without any person sitting on it, the Swell seems like a freshly-baked puff pastry exploding with that intoxicating scent of a bakery in the early morning.


Photography: Charlie Bennet.
Photography courtesy of Type Us With Love.

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