Matrioshka Storage Design by Sasa Mitrovic

Sasa Mitrovic | Matrioshka

Matrioshka is usually a method of wooden storage units which nest in just 1 another. Its parts (wardrobes, drawer units, sideboards) is usually pulled out and arranged in any setting for the customer’s liking.

Sasa Mitrovic | Matrioshka

Sasa Mitrovic | Matrioshka

When closed, the partitions and legs vanish beneath the trust on the model. Matrioshka, just like the Russian doll it can be named after, started down to be a game, but this can be a subtle the one which tends to make you imagine regarding the thriller concealed behind the exterior appearance. It can be an object that carries things and, concurrently, safeguards our identity.

Designer: Sasa Mitrovic
Project name: Matrioshka
Manufacturer: SCS Plus / Ergomade

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