Meme Meadows Cabin Design by Kengo Kuma and Associates


Cold climates along with a fireplace… There’s an extremely special experimental house in Hokkaido, Japan conceived to test the limits of domestic architecture in extreme cold conditions. Meme Meadows is often a particular story translucent cabin with 79sqm of constructed area produced from an established example from the indigenous Ainu, whose buildings were clad with bamboo grass as a way to hang inside the heat on the central fireplace which was by no means allowed to burn out.

A contemporary approach turns an ancient concept right into a contemporary residence are able of resisting the best defying context: snow, ice and negative temperatures. Let’s unravel the secret at the rear of this particular experimental house.

The building is erected around a coated larch frame plus it includes a layer of polyester insulation sandwiched between the exterior polycarbonate cladding along with the glass-fiber fabric with the interior. An Eco-friendly option purposes an insulation made from recycled plastic bottles permitting daylight to pass on the home over the walls.



The software presents a distribution that respects a central fireplace – the nucleus in the composition – around which all of the public areas are disposed. A sliding door establishes the access towards interior at one particular corner of the house: a little hall guides towards central open space where the fireplace captures each of the attention.


A smaller kitchen set is integrated within an equipped wall for safe-keeping though the bathroom is positioned behind a glass wall. At the opposite corner a bedroom along with a study room separated with a whitened curtain wall complete the domestic program. The intense bright atmosphere is quickly punctuated by three wooden columns… a warm mood invites to comfortably inhabit this light house, offering the impression of being somewhere else but in a extremely cold environment environment!





Architects & Photography: kengo kuma and associates

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