Minimalist Rectangular House Design

minimalist rectangular house holiday intention

Two-story minimalist rectangular house designed on sloping terrain near the river, planned for holiday. Holiday is really some time if we invest time with friends, or simply desire to get away from and obtain relaxing. Those dualities way of thinking are properly supplied by this minimalist rectangular house.

Ground flooring gives blowout room with its large open plan interior develop. Upper floor interior provides private and peacefulness atmosphere: intimate shelter that even the organic environment encompassing cannot interrupt.

sloping terrain minimalist rectangular house architecture
open-plan modern minimalist rectangular house notion
untreated wooden planks cladding minimalist rectangular house
cycle glazed walls minimalist rectangular house design

Ground floor composition is made of series of sliding glazed walls; make the interior blend with out of doors nature environment. There can also be no dividing location, kitchen-dining-living turn into one in individual space. Services area perfectly secret by acquiring good thing about sloping land.

duality theory minimalist rectangular house architecture
camouflage exterior minimalist rectangular house design
two-story minimalist rectangular house sloping land
modern holiday house minimalist rectangular form
spacious living kitchen-dining floor floor interior design

But, smart architecture accomplishment of this minimalist rectangular house will not be merely success to put together duality concept of excellent time. There are several modern structures which might be takeaway idea. First, the exterior, dim untreated wood planks develop a camouflage for house; being united with surrounding area. Second, two out of doors terraces in upper amount surrounded by wood trellis turn into way to obtain natural mild to the ground floor and bedrooms in upper floor. Third, series of shelves that unified with staircase assembly that also becomes built-in show fixtures in ground floor. Fourth, unique fireplace design. This minimalist rectangular house created by LODE architects.

minimalist interior multifunction space holiday house
unique fireplace modern house interior design
built-in series-of-shelves staircase area structure interior
innovative double-height form house interior design
holiday house rectangular form stylish interior
intimate shelter interior holiday house interior design
wooden tone black color contrast theme interior design
outdoor terrace upper-level house space inspiration
outdoor terraces surrounded by wood-trellis

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