Modern Barn Alike House Architecture Design

modern barn-like house concaves cutting geometrical architecture

At a glance, this current barn-like home just loves normal residence architecture. But, appear it closer, the long-part of this cutting-edge barn-like house has concaves, take action as out of doors terraces.

The house making seemingly sliced in the variety of cake, an inspiring playing geometrically architecture. The cuttings architecture form selected to increase natural mild to home.

barn-like house-plan geometrical architecture
concave barn-like house exterior geometrically architecture
concaves form modern bark-like house lighting reflector idea

The bright white concaves at the two part of this modern barn-like house have dual purposes. Each concave has two part of wall. One part has large cup openings, as well as other part is basic. The tumbler openings play as light reflector for other plain wall that act as shielded terrace area.

The concaves created at equally side of this modern barn-like house. So rely around the specific location from the sunlight with a day, you’ll be able to select which terrace you wish to enjoy: terrace with all the sun, or terrace using the shade. Inside, the whiteness internal layout is contrasting with black exterior fa

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