Modern Dining Room Concept Design by Cattelan Italy

Dining area is currently observed not mere a arranged of table and chair in which you spend your breakfast, lunch negitively effect or dinner party. There is surely an alteration in eating space trends, whereby individuals mix their eating table with their internal models creating it a lot more catchy and livelier so that you can cease working old belief of an eating place.

In this modern era, folks want one thing new and fresh. It is commonly recognized that eating area ought to be modified in inspirational manner integrating sophisticated style and loaded flavor.


Dining Room Concept by Cattelan Italy

Take a evaluate some inspirational eating space patterns created by Cattelan Italy below. The products employed for dining platforms are largely from magnifier and woods collection for two, three, or four people ; suit for youthful pair or little families.

Actually, the standard theme very limited by Cattelan just isn’t something new ; minimalist contemporary. But, what important we have found Cattelan Italy’s trial to integrate the dining set using the area’s environment. As the result, there isn’t a restrictions between dining area with other interiors exist inside the room. Even they make the presence to a set of dining table assist the room beauty.


In a design demonstrated by the picture, Cattelan also combine illumination effect for your dining room ensuing dark dining room concept. It is when golden light transmitted by the modified lamp placed on one aspect on the wall that’s ongoing by diffracting the light beautifully in to the dining room.


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