Modern Hanging Garden House Design by Gisele Taranto

stylish modern house hanging gardens implementation idea

Stylish current house hold built with stacked-cubic-like form architecture. Because of its stacked-cubic-shaped, there area dump spaces portions on the roof. The empty spaces use as hanging gardens.

The result is amazing, from outside, this trendy modern house just as Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Unique normal fire wood fences and wood cladding entrance structure definitely impressed. All aspects check out sultry fashion house process.

natural wood fences gate stylish modern house
tropical-back garden front-area stylish modern house
high-doors colonial architecture stylish modern house
unique entrance structure wood cladding stylish modern house

The inside design also is amazing. Inside, minimalist yet quality environment present. The simple whiteness shades mixture perfectly with wood specific elements of pieces of furniture and a component of developing construction, for instance doors-windows, staircase, and also other elements.

Front interior for guest room has unique structure. High folded doors like in tropical colonial house architecture established bring vintage sensation inside this stylish modern house. At the backyard, open plan existing dining has continuity place on the backyard garden.

The backyard garden of this stylish modern house has swimming pool. The landscape layout, plants, and also other elements aspect for example sheltered terrace really simple but reminiscent in the breeze of tropical nature. Designed by Gisele Taranto.

simple staircase interior stylish modern house
double-height interior guest room tropical style house
beautiful formal room stylish modern house
spacious living-dining interior stylish modern house
tropical garden-landscape stylish modern house
outdoor backyard swiming-pool stylish modern house
open-plan concept backyard landscape stylish modern house
sheltered terrace rear-area stylish modern house
sophisticated modern kitchen interior stylish modern house
wooden-cladding bathroom interior stylish modern house
sink-furniture bathroom design stylish modern house
bathtub area interior stylish modern house

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