Modern Trapezoidal House Design by MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects

current trapezoidal property cottage-like architecture

A modern house constructed on rural landscape of trees and lake. Modern trapezoidal house and skewed volume built with classic cottage sense concept. So it more in the variety of modern getaway but retained classics feel of getting on the inside regular cottage for holiday seasons. Modern however additionally , it opens.

This modern trapezoidal house has open-space concept, with the communal spaces until finally room. The open-space prepare made in such ways to produce intimate connection involving indoor and outdoor, so the many pure aspect presented clearly to obtain yourself a true vacation. Attic space of this modern trapezoidal house has interesting interior space concept.

Attic space use as communal bedroom, a tent-like form set up imagination that people sleep inside a tent. Designed by MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects. Photo by aframestudio.

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minimalist entrance exterior modern trapezoidal house
open-plan concept modern trapezoidal house design
cottage-like modern house perfect getaway space
open-plan living room modern trapezoidal house
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open-space smooth indoor-outdoor house connection
light plywood interior modern trapezoidal house
simple sleek interior modern trapezoidal house
double-height living interior structure modern trapezoidal house
modern kitchen design skewed interior volume
warmth interioer wood accent modern trapezoidal house
tent-like form attic bedroom modern trapezoidal house
sleek cottage interior attic bedroom design

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