Modern Wood Kitchen Gadgets from Thingk

thingk kitchen objects

Kitchen devices do not have to be made of cheap plastic or effortlessly-dirtied metal. There exists a really eye-catching stability in the GK Series from Thingk. Their sophisticated wooden kitchen equipment are wise, smooth, and multi-functional.

scale clock

The CLOGK is a cylinder with a slanted leading that seems to be a bit like a wooden paperweight. But touch its sides and it lights up to become a clock or a kitchen timer.

clock timer

The GKILO seems to be just like a wooden cutting board, but it as well has hidden performance. When it lies on one side it acts as a clock, and when it is turned onto its other side it is a kitchen scale. (We would likely still be tempted to use it as a cutting board, but that probably is not recommended.)

thingk GKILO

These kitchen gadgets are basic in look, but there is a lot going on within. They connect to an app that assists you as you cook if you weigh a piece of foods on the GKILO and indicate what kind of meals it is on your smartphone, the app will advocate the suitable cooking time. The app will then set the CLOGK’s timer so all you have to fret about is the seasoning.

smart kitchen objects

As all of our house products increase smarter and more linked, it appears that at some level everything will have multiple functions. One particular of individuals functions, of program, will be connecting to your smartphone and to one particular one more, generating the entire family work smoother and far more effectively.

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