Multifunction Stool Furniture Design by misosoupdesign

multifunction stool furniture design idea

Looking for stool furniture on the house? This multifunction stool furniture from misosoupdesign possibly pleasant as portion of this interior, simple as seating device, but additionally has another purpose. Actually, this multifunction stool furniture is made of two pieces that unified and when that two parts stacked, it will eventually develop into nicely safe-keeping.

With vent playwood material, this multifunction stool furniture has measurement 450 mm (H) x 350 mm (W) x 310 mm (D). So, is this modern stool ideal for the property? Become nice aspects of interior as seating furniture or safe-keeping?

creative modern stool furniture multifunction usages
stacked parts stool furniture as storage
how-to-take-apart stool furniture into storage device

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