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topfield multimedia home gateway Extension tools residence theater added? Deliberate choice at a engineering project or renovation specify in movements? Multiroom – that could be to say, the pooling of all of your audiovisual equipment – is inseparable from your detailed automation process.multimedia home platform

The kind of the perfectly considered out and effective domotisation increase will likely be phased:

Step 1 : motorization starting (shutters, gates, and so on..) and alarm integration.
Step 2 : your vitality requirements (lighting, heating …) are managed and managed by in excess of just automation.
Step 3 : Adding dwelling theater domotisé, specifically related with steps 1 and 2, which serve as bases scalable.
Step 4 : The extension makes multiroom multilevel all parts of housing: multimedia bond (r / c, TV, picture, music, cellphone, net) is accessible almost everywhere … even remotely.

It is for that reason crucial to select scalable cost automation options that may assist successive additions.

Revolution manage interfaces: a standard command and ergonomic

Remember that house automation has revolutionized the online computer system help. Moreover interface or automation monitor we speak.

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If you by now use a house theater equipment, you mentioned goodbye for that “zapping” which has outlived its usefulness, or even worse the variety of online computer help desktop support settings (just 1 for TV, one for the DVD, one for Hi-Fi amplifier …) to swap to somewhat of your universal online computer help command, for example.

If this can be not the case, the phase of multiroom will demand that you progress. Then you can select, the choice to:

universal remote audio and home theater (it recognizes all exclusively 98% of audio and video materials);
a middle home automation (who also handle the alarm, all of the openings, lighting, intercom, and so forth.).
PC “all-in-one” associated towards the web with included Blu-ray person and multimedia challenging disk;
a smartphone or tablet.

The identical deal with interface you might use to manage your beginning (shutters, blinds, gate …), your heating and alarm. And it is doable to respond on your own own home even though you might be away.

Note that your automation control moves for the iDevices / Android / Windows solutions, many of all for the owners remotes.

Home automation and multimedia comforts and pleasures … from basement to attic

Benefit # 1: audio, video, computer, the whole thing operates together
Finish the computer around the table within the dining room, DVD battler when inside the dwelling room, the r / c while during the kitchen, the player while from the room station, the outside hard car that jogging from one room to a further etc.. Gather your complete AV elements and mutualise them.

Multiply the RJ45 jacks. Depending on your requirements, a phone jack may turn into TV outlet. Just create an easy alter towards the communication board. Result: you fit any network equipment anywhere as component of your house. And by using a wireless WiFi installment is even easier!

You place the r / c in the back back garden and also the kitchen, listening with your partner together the portions of his iPod belonging to the bathroom, along with the little ones enjoy a film in hi-def of their room …

0 h 30: You’re one a lot more to search to mattress. With one finger to trigger the standby of all electric and audiovisual equipment in the home. The alarm is activated it automatically.

Benefit # 2: soundscapes by location home
Speakers used in the correct spots – in ceilings or surfaces – sonorisent in the course from the house, garden and outbuildings very same remote (pool, workshop, guest, etc. pavilion.)

You operate from home and find purchasers? Music for the pro space (even at another stop in the garden) by tapping your smartphone as you jog a cartoon in the children’s room.

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Wake your household map. Rap for one, an opera for another radio to somewhat of a third, each and every opens his big eyes with his preferred song.

You practice it yourself: the bottom part line

Choose a house automation system to several media options that may progress over your requirements and networking your property.

The nerve heart of home automation is a middle home automation. It is she who’s attached to each of the things to become controlled. In general, a wireless system, radio frequency, is a easiest solution, including renovation … and significantly a smaller amount pricey (expect 300 to € 2,000).

If you aren’t comfy with personal computers and networking, prefer a set to set up kit, and create a provider go to. Depending on the equipment purchased, the treatment of a consultant is even section of the standard service.

Finally, two specialized solutions are possible to be sure connectivity: as well wiring the house with RJ45 or WiFi insurance plan.

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