My Fluffy Friend’s Pet Shop Design by MCM Interiors


MCM Interiors have intended My Fluffy Friend’s Pet Shop in Vancouver, Canada.With a restricted budget, MCM Interiors was competent to improve this 950 square feet place which useful to become an extremely dark lounge, right into a bright, fresh, and playful environment which was each pet and people unthreatening.

The big structural column even though within the middle with the prominent retail display living room or space given at the same time issues and possibility. Starting with an outdoors theme, the column was transformed into an abstract sapling form, with painted MDF rings suspended with the ceiling. Various millwork across the base supplies display opportunity.


The clients desired an interactive space for the two dogs and puppy title-holders. Plenty of clear space was left to make the pets to roam free, so display was delegated towards walls. Curved, colorful, modern shelves line the perimeter walls. A mini agility course was built underneath for the dogs to experience several textures and surfaces, using fake grass, pebbles, a ramp, and tunnel.


The earnings cubical area proudly displays the organization logo for the again wall, including a glowing environmentally friendly grass stimulated back lit front cell provides lighting and interest. Little mushroom designed pegs for the desk leading allow owners to temporarily leash their doggy while they complete their transaction. One from the corporation’s attribute products, made in house, is all organic jerky of various forms. They are viewable within the entry wall primary to the amount of money desk.

Additional renovations listed a teaching place area with fun cartoon like tree molded wall tattoos, along with an physical exercise room with doggie treadmills open to lease in the back.


Designers: MCM Interiors

Photography: Ema Peter

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