MYZ Nest Residential Design by no 555


When architecture follows nature’s example from a rewarding way the outcome is usually surprisingly efficient and discrete. A perfect example of this kind of fragile operation stages erected in Matsumoto, Japan. It’s called MYZ Nest and also the brand obviously reveals what type of Nature’s foundation is guiding this small, unique task.

A mysterious dazzling making contrast while using green rice fields that surround it: an individual prepare conceals the entire household software distributed inside the total floor section of 97sqm. In buy to consider profit with all the pure topography, your house is partially sunken to the ground with excavated soil built up around a facade for just a greater insulation, similar into a rabbit’s warren.

And like within an animal’s shelter, MYZ has no sort of inside partition: no floor-to-ceiling surfaces were created making sure that inhabitants can openly transform the internal available plan with the home using furnishings and screens.


The distribution from this system reinforces this special condition: only the bathroom and technical region are inserted in separate rooms. The rest with your house is displaced in an ideal sequence of functional areas: entrance, grasp bedroom and individual bedroom, home and located area total the available routine.




Sliding panes doors invite us to enter into or to action out on the courtyard. Interior wall surfaces are lined with boards of cement-bonded fire wood chip that resembles the compacted twigs of an bird’s nest. Wooden pavements also lead to somewhat of a tempered atmosphere for inhabitants to enjoy, contrasting with the light painted ceilings.

Organic ideals appear being fully captured and as well improved in the constructive means of this peculiar building…After all we have been dealing with a house called MYZ Nest.





Architects: no 555

Photography: Koichi Torimura

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