Nakai House Design Ideas

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Let me introduce you into an exceptionally special cabin developed to get a Navajo woman which has a crew of eight architecture students from your University of Colorado within the Utah desert, USA.

This unusual constructive process reveals how sometimes fewer is usually the ultimate more! Guided with a senior tutor, this courageous team of future architects rewards us with an outstanding achievement: a productive blend in between old fashioned Navajo values and modern technologies.

Nakai House is put beside about three little buildings and an historical tree, making a courtyard that provides protection with the undomesticated desert wind. A sole tale volume reflects a good and narrow house with one particular place spanning its complete length.

The program is solved from an exceptionally peculiar solution: all bedroom and bathroom conveniences are positioned behind a fifteen meters long safe-keeping and display wall. In fact, within the closet room a concealed ladder gives entry to an unforeseen loft plan with a guest bedroom including a little storage space.


As a replacement to make the conventional bedroom, the principle getting to sleep area was developed to be a bed-shaped shelf within the display wall together with the your kitchen area. Only a wood-burning stove is suspended from your threshold inside the center with the cabin.



The entire volume is clad with timber planks and recycled glass panels to be able to protect the partitions belonging to the ruthless desert solar. Interior areas are composed by smooth concrete pavement, white painted ceilings and timber panels for room spaces and furniture. This little Indian marvel was constructed in just 80 days… Great work!




Floor Plan

Design team: Milen Milev, Cameron Minor, David Hevesi, Joshua Young, Michelle Pollok, Courtney Hughes, James Anderson

Photography: James Philip Anderson

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