Netframe Sofa Furniture Design by Cate & Nelson

Cate & Nelson for Offecct | Netframe

Netframe is often a sofa and a simple chair intended by your pattern and style duo Cate & Nelson for Offecct. Cate & Nelson’s idea guiding Netframe was to produce a chunk of pieces of home furniture that consumes as little material as you possibly can while preserving a higher luxury.

Cate & Nelson for Offecct | Netframe

Cate & Nelson for Offecct | Netframe

Cate & Nelson for Offecct | NetframeIn obtain to succeed with this particular concern we been required to turn the whole thing upside lower while during the growth process. We wanted it for being easy to produce with marginal time and material practice. Netframe was developed right into a really comfortable article of furniture with very lower consequence within the environment.

The design viewpoint of Cate & Nelson, that are operating with Offecct for that first time, is according to sustainability. Sustainability can also be one among many nook stones of Offecct’s exploration and development process, that has resulted from a fantastic cooperation between Offecct and Cate & Nelson.

Cate & Nelson for Offecct | NetframeNetframe is often an item that’s distinguished by transparency and obligation and demonstrates the way in which we see our job in the encircling society, tells Kurt Tingdal, CEO, Offecct.

Designer: Cate & Nelson

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