New Bologna Central Station Architecture Design by Andrea Maffei Architects

Andrea Maffei Architects | New Bologna Central Station

The ailments for that metropolis all spherical plus the varies infrastructures for being given has formulated the concept for your station as being a tentative to string with each other various metropolis demands overlapping.

The prepare wire has usually broken down the metropolis center of Bologna in two diverse regions: within the south the historic hub with monuments and palaces, within the north the business districts (so referred to as “Bolognina”) along using the Fair created by Kenzo Tange (1967).

The metropolitan design has observed these differences, normal and rectangular for your north, centred and r / c centric within the south. The new station needs strung collectively the over plus the advanced, the historic centre plus the popular advertisement districts.

Andrea Maffei Architects | New Bologna Central Station

Andrea Maffei Architects | New Bologna Central Station

Under the station we been required to come aboard quite a few purposes interior a solitary challenge: the huge-speed practice station underground, the popular subway line, folks mover to be connected using the air port in eight minutes, the taxi stops, the parking spaces for the travellers underground.

The place ground was requested being all occupied by binaries of medium length trains. The only resolution was to produce a bridge-station earlier mentioned each just a single of these capabilities to participate them in an original constructing. Another fragile theme was the connection with the outdated current station and with XX September square, indicated by an previous gate “porta Galliera” and ancient roman ruins.

Andrea Maffei Architects | New Bologna Central Station

In this romantic relationship involving well-established and new, we favored to maintain both realities split around the architectural place of obtain. The older station plus the houses beside are preserved toward the of age metropolis centre, for the again new architecture forms are created near the modern metropolis.

This longitudinal distinction are going to be the interpretation with the historic division although belonging for the metropolis by your railway line: a double-face developing, of age on one aspect and modern on one yet an additional. The measurement for the assignment – for the back it turned out to be allowed to achieve 600 meters time-span – was bringing the chance to generate a monolithic developing as well invasive, from proportion for a really context. For this, we used a de-composition process from the station to be a fullness produced by several structures juxtaposed.

Andrea Maffei Architects | New Bologna Central Station

The aged current station proceeds for the binaries which has a rectangular bridge-station from exactly identical length of time right up until finally the Bolognina region guiding. A whitened rectangular volume, isolated from the accessible complexes, possesses the many break capabilities, the ticket counters, patiently waiting around rooms, restaurant and cafes on the brand new station. From down underneath you attain the binaries and also the trains with escalators and lifts.

A collection of courtyards and extensive prime lights on the roofing take healthy mild inside, illuminate the flow spaces from the drivers as well as the binaries below. In prominent in the ultra-modern Bologna City Hall, in the “Marcato Navile” centre, we furnished another entry developing from the station, a pretty environmentally friendly island built by overlapped volumes containing a middle energy station including a sports center.

The opposition was requesting to deliver also available public functions like congress halls, theaters, sports facilities, so that you are able to change the revolutionary station from the railway infrastructure to somewhat of a component on the city, utilised with the people also for other purposes, aside from traveling.

Andrea Maffei Architects | New Bologna Central Station

The island and also the bridge-station are linked by using a commercial magnifier tube, going through toward the trains along with the hills of Bologna. The decomposition with the newest station within this cycle of volumes lightened the challenge, balancing into a monolithic solution.

The sequence on the fresh volumes corresponds in the direction of the metropolitan texture of “Bolognina” district. The metropolitan design of this element on the city has crystal clear geometrical qualities and clear ways of development: it’s depending on an orthogonal grid that makes rectangular chunks with inner gardens.

This component to Bologna remembers the regularity and also the uncomplicated distribution with the conventional districts starting point ‘900. The new station follows the Bolognina chunks and lengthen them on the binaries. It is often a tentative to string collectively various element with the city inside a brand new metropolitan layout.

Andrea Maffei Architects | New Bologna Central Station

The city of Bologna is characterised by lower structures and is particularly formulated horizontally in the valley. On this bottom you will discover simply handful of exceptions, just like the “Asinelli” tower, 92 meters high, the rational district developed by Kenzo Tange (1967) as well as the housing towers by Enzo Zacchiroli (1977-80). To integrate alone within this urban skyline, the undertaking preserves everywhere the ideal height of twenty meters and keep away from to propose new skyscrapers.

This choice indicates our intent of sobriety and respect from the atmosphere around. Particularly, we taken care of the current properties from the old station before “XX September” square – the levels of competition regulations allowed to demolish them so to restore with a 73m high tower – to complete a continuity with the historic context.

These buildings is going to be refurbished to come up with a fresh lodge and also the inner courtyard will be closed by the cup roofing to set-up the modern access hall on the station from the city.

Andrea Maffei Architects | New Bologna Central Station

Andrea Maffei Architects | New Bologna Central Station

The horizontality on the project is longer also to each in another parts from the learn plan, preserving usually the very exact height. In the “Bovi Campeggi” place we intended open-living space workplace buildings, characterised by elliptical interior squares with pubs and restaurants.

In the “ex Ie” area we created a super easy extension from the old building with a brand new rectangular cup volume with inside garden, while the “ex-OMA” area is characterised with a pupils intricate with staggered terraces towards the railways.

The normal easy was another significant theme of this project. The interior courtyards of the bridge-station generate poles of easy attraction for the travellers. In the inner double volumes you can see until the binaries degree below. Different models of windows can be designed in the courtyards to characterize them inside a new way and make the healthy easy main character of this project.

In the are you coached programs it’s probable to acquire healthy gentle and find out the sky, waiting for the train. The long cuts on the roofing light-weight up the blood circulation spaces inside and their dramatic tension tends to make the inside space open to distinct interpretations.

Location: Bologna, Italy
Architect: Andrea Maffei Architects
Project name: New Bologna Central Station
Program: railway station
Client: RFI – Rete Ferroviaria Italiana
Time: routine june 2007- june 2008
End of construction: tbd
Design team: Arata Isozaki & Associates (Tokyo), M+T & Partners (Florence)
Structure: Maurizio Teora (PD), Angelo Mussi (PM), Gabriele Del Mese, Luca Buzzoni, Francesco Uggetti, Giovanni Tecchio, Matteo Codignola, Salvatore Settecasi / Arup Italia s.r.l., Ove Arup & Partners International Ltd
Mep plants: Pietro Guarisco, Enrico Zara, Alice Quinterio, Nicola Carofano, Alfonso Mastrodicasa / Arup Italia s.r.l., Ove Arup & Partners International Ltd
Fire safety plants: George Faller, Luis Mulinelli / Arup Italia s.r.l., Ove Arup & Partners International Ltd
Station layout: Leszek Dobrovolsky, Julie-Ann Janko / Arup Italia s.r.l., Ove Arup & Partners International Ltd
Security program: Barbara Marino/ Arup Italia s.r.l., Ove Arup & Partners International Ltd
Construction planning: Tom Honnywill / Arup Italia s.r.l., Ove Arup & Partners International Ltd
Computer graphic: Miller Hare
Floor areas: new station 92,870 sqm.
Area: “Bovi Campeggi” 58,102 sqm.
Area: “Ex Ie” 6,710 sqm.
Area: “ex-OMA” 10,318 sqm.
Materials: concrete, steel, goblet

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