Newfoundland Shoal Bay Landmark Design by Saunders Architecture


This impressive structure appears a lot more as being a imaginary sculpture, than a making. It’s located in Newfoundland’ Shoal Bay, serving as on the list of six artist studios created for your Fogo Island Arts Corporation.

The fifty sq. meter, twisted physical structure of this tower is undoubtedly probably the most spectacular landmark from the region, as its silhouette beautifully dominates in the landscape, obtaining awareness towards present fine art item.

The distinctive appearance in the tower studio is cladded with black panels, strengthening the result from the distorted, however sturdy physical structure. The external look with the developing is created all the more important through the unexpected contrast: the component to the facade – the aircraft wherever the entry is located plus the airplane over it – is light! Moreover, the twist of its entire body makes a canopy over the entrance.


By producing this element white, in contrast to the 100 % black body, it looks such as this area could have been lower off… a tricky effect, underlined because of the entire white color on the inside place! But the constructing isn’t just thrilling by itself. Its further edge is its locale – limitless horizons and peaceful, undisturbed landscapes – what more could an artist want for…





* More details at Saunders architecture

by Iryna Churylyk

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