Northern Lights Cathedral Design by Schmidt Hammer Lassen


Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects have created the Cathedral on the Northern Lights found in Alta, Norway. The Cathedral because of the Northern Lights, positioned inside Norwegian village of Alta about 500 km north through the Arctic Circle, was even just before the inauguration notice like a mark and an architectural landmark for your complete region. It presents itself to be a solitary sculpture in conversation with all the spectacular design and style.


In 2001, when the architecture opposition on the Cathedral on the Northern Lights was arranged, the metropolis council in Alta failed to just want a fresh church: they sought an architectural landmark that could underline Alta’s part being a public court location from which the pure phenomenon on the northern lights may just be noticed.


The Cathedral with the Northern Lights is in its design a final result from the around character and nearby lifestyle. The developing is really a landmark, which by way of its architecture symbolizes the incredible normal phenomenon with the Arctic northern lights.

The significance on the northern lights is reflected within the architecture in the cathedral. The contours in the church go up like a spiraling condition towards the idea on the belfry 47 meters previously mentioned the place. The facade, clad in titanium, echos the northern lights during the longer times of Arctic cold weather darkness and emphasizes the encounter in the phenomenon.


Inside the principle part on the cathedral, the church space results in a relaxing contrast to the energetic exterior with the constructing. The resources used, natural concrete floor to the surfaces and fire wood for your floors, panels and ceilings, underline the Nordic context. Daylight enters the church spot through tall, slim, irregularly used windows. A skylight lights up the whole wall regarding the altar setting up a unique ambiance in the area.


The cathedral, which could accommodate 350 men and women in the church room, also has management offices, classrooms, exhibition places along with a parochial region.


Architects – Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Photographer – Adam Mørk

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