Oculus Rift Flight Simulation Design by Zurich University of the Arts


Come to feel the wind on your encounter and smell the pine sap of the forest as you gaze down at the scenery far below – without having ever leaving the ground.

‘Birdly’ is a new machine produced by the Zurich University of the Arts that simulates flight using an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, a motor-powered machine that mimics flying movements, a fan to fake the feeling of wind and even olfactory feedback tailored to the landscape of your decision.

Oculus Rift Flight Simulator 2

The creators studied the movement of the Red Kite bird and translated it to a sensory-motor coupling that permits you to flap your ‘wings’ as if you’re actually flying. The motion of your arms right correlates to the flying sensation you knowledge through the Oculus Rift headset.

Oculus Rift Flight Simulator 4

As soon as strapped in, you’re embedded in a virtual landscape as if you had been the Red Kite itself for the closest attainable simulation of flight that’s attainable with no ever actually going into the air. The quicker you go, the more powerful the air pushed out by the fan positioned appropriate in front of your head.

Oculus Rift Flight Simulator 3

While it’s easy to imagine Birdly becoming a fixture at amusement parks, so far, it’s just an artwork set up, with no ideas for commercialization. The creators say there are a handful of tweaks nonetheless essential to preserve end users from receiving sick throughout the flight knowledge.

This gadget is just the newest in an intriguing line of creations using Oculus Rift to bend reality, like a current Gender Swap experiment that makes it possible for the user to switch to the level of see of somebody of a diverse gender.

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