One-for-all Activities Apartment Interior Concept Design

penthouse small apartment interior two-level architecture

Tiny penthouse condo although within the midst on the Madrid city; what can we do within this 70m2 little condo internal? Well, with one-for-all routines concept, it is possible to the game of golf at home, out of doors bathing, eating according to the stars, experiencing film like from the theater, picnic from the park, sunset cocktail bar, and a lot of more activities while actually you’re within the center within the city. Has two flooring level, this small apartment interior can accommodate dweller fantasies route!

one-for-all-activities concept small apartment interior
hidden area with-curtain small apartment interior inspiration
unknown home area small apartment interior develop
hidden workspace small apartment interior concept

Lower degree of this small apartment interior offers roomy dwelling eating area, while you can find other activities places hidden with leather-based curtain; kitchen during the middle, workspace, and wardrobe. The restroom is hidden regarding straightforward staircase.

Here is definitely an strategy: First, there can be a wall beginning concerning living area and out of doors balcony area. To develop out of doors eating sensation, uncomplicated job to accomplish is transferring dining and seating fixtures towards the out of doors balcony. Second will be the bathe cabin design.

The bath cabin design created to ensure that there’s simultaneous indoor/outdoor bathtub accomplishment. And the gold tiny tiles color applied from the shower cabin is actually spectacular. Third, the curtain operates as projector monitor to work out movie.

curtain as projector screen small apartment interior inspiration
small apartment interior-outdoor opening concept
small apartment interior simultaneous indooroutdoor shower
tiny-gold-tiles shower cabin small apartment interior
minimalist bathroom small apartment interior
grass-like carpet bedroom small apartment interior

Upper amount of this small apartment interior is mezzanine room. The mezzanine area is made of bedroom with outdoor terrace. Grass-like carpet wraps both bedroom ground and terrace ground. Innovative idea is installed front door as connecting apparatus between staircase and mezzanine room. When it closed, the door grow to be floor; give more living area towards the mezzanine.

There is usually bathtub positioned on the corner of bed. From grass-like carpet application, more fantasies trip will begin on this small apartment interior: picnic in the park, golf at home, picnic in the park, etc. Designed by Oliver Hernaiz of OHLAB.

innovative door floor mezzanine interior small apartment
outdoor terrace area small apartment interior
installed bathtub bedroom interior small apartment idea
small apartment interior plan with mezzanine

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